Upload a Drawing

Upload a plan drawing from your computer by browsing or using drag and drop.

You must add the location record to the directory before you attempt to upload drawings to it.

Plan drawing files must be either .pdf or .jpg.

To watch a brief video about uploading drawings, see Drawings - Video.

Locations records in Field View define each unique location within your project, and plan drawings help mobile device users navigate around those locations.

To upload a drawing:

  1. Go to Drawings in new web by clicking User menu > Project Setup > Drawing Calibration.
  2. Confirm you're working in the correct project.
  3. Click on the Location you want to upload a drawing to.
    Note: If your plan drawing includes several locations and location tiers, select the highest level to which the entire drawing pertains.

    For example, consider a multi-floor apartment block with multiple apartments made up of several rooms on each floor. If your plan drawing illustrates all the apartments and rooms on the first floor, select the Location representing the first floor.

    Each time you select a Location record in the directory that is eligible for a drawing upload, the right pane displays the UPLOAD DRAWING button.
  4. If the plan drawing you are adding is in color, select the Convert to Grayscale check box.
  5. If the file resolution of the plan drawing is larger than 300 DPI, select 300 (Default) in the Upload At DPI list.
  6. Choose one:
    • Drag the .pdf or .jpg drawing file onto the screen.
    • Click UPLOAD DRAWING and choose between uploading from your computer or from Viewpoint For Projects (VFP), then navigate to and select the drawing file.
The uploaded drawing is paired with the Location you specified, and a drawing icon appears next to the Location name in the directory.